My Favorite Snack

Ok, maybe I should entitle this post, "My Healthy Favorite Snack." I don't know if I would choose this over ice cream. But it is so good and satisfying!

Take some plain yogurt and plop it into a bowl. I'm using homemade yogurt but you can use whatever plain yogurt you like. By the way, making your own yogurt is extremely easy but it just takes a little bit of time. The recipe I use is here and it comes out creamy and delicious.

Then I take some honey and give it a six second squeeze. I'm talking one Mississippi, two Mississippi and so on until you reach six Mississippi, then stop. It probably works to about a tablespoon but I don't measure. The honey gives it a sweetness and takes the tartness of the plain yogurt out because, quite frankly . . .

I can't handle the tart!

Feel free to skip this step if you like it on the tart side.

Then I take an apple and cut it up and mix it into the honey/yogurt mixture. I've been into Gala apples lately but I'm sure whichever apple floats your boat will be good.

Adding about a handful (or more) walnuts makes this dish supremely good.

And that's it! Most of you probably do something similar to this anyway but I've just recently stumbled upon this simple but satisfying snack!

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  • Katie Says:

    That looks so good...and easy...right up my alley. I bet it comes close to ice cream! YUM!! Keep those easy recipes coming my way. (With pictures, all the easier) I would take something like that for lunch. I also liked the World's Healthiest Food link. I can't wait to have some time to really explore it. Hope to see you soon! Pecong

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