It Starts

The time is near. The beginning is almost here. Oh sure, right now everything looks almost desolate and even a bit lonely but I can assure you, the beginning is almost here.

The bleachers are empty ... for the moment. Soon, however, they will be filled with cheering parents, friends and family. Soon you will hear the crowds saying things such as, "Wait for your pitch, Tommy." "Go! Go! Go!" "Nice pitch." "Play's at second!" or "Ump, I think you need glasses!"

The field is empty ... for the moment. Soon there will be outfielders, infielders, runners, pitchers, catchers, coaches and umpires.

Instead of blank scoreboards and bare bases, there soon will be runners rounding second and heading for third. Soon the board will be alight with numbers that tell the story of the game.

Right now the only thing on second base is the photographer's foot.

Soon all kinds of activity will surround the base. Can't you see it? The pitcher looks back to keep the runner in check. He throws but the runner returns and is safe.

Can't you see it?

Things are going to change soon. They're getting ready.

The players are busy warming up their arms.

They're stretching.

They're running.

Soon the dugout won't be empty but will be filled with boys anxious for their turn at bat, cheering their teammates as they score runs and bragging about the great plays they made. They'll be guzzling Gaterade, spitting sunflower seeds and chewing gum.

Can't you see it?

Instead of the ballpark reminiscing about yesterday's activity, a new year is about to begin and will bring memories to last for its own season. People will be going here and there, looking for seats. Looking for food. Looking for shade. Boys and girls will laugh and cheer and, at times, cry over a hard loss.

Yes, the bleachers are empty now, but soon, very soon, they will be filled by spectators to witness the thrill of little league baseball.

Can't you hear it?


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