Another Glorious Day

The weather here in my section of the world has been fantastic! So fantastic that today Joe and I did most of our schooling outside. We took our books and a blanket and headed out to the yard to enjoy the weather while schooling.

Before we could get started, however, there was the matter of the dog. She came running up to us with her satisfied, happy-go lucky-face and wanted to join us in our day. But then the smell. The smell of why she was so satisfied and happy. She had been rolling around in some other dog's ... (hmm, how shall I put this?) ... poop. I really don't understand this dog. She won't go to the bathroom in our yard even though it's about an acre, but she'll roll delightedly around in some other dogs stuff.

And here's something else I don't understand about her. She loves to roll around in muddy water and have fun with Joe when he's on his slip n slide, but heaven forbid when we get the hose out to cleanse her of dirt and other obnoxious stuff. How does she know the difference? Anyway, it was funny watching Joe try to catch her and hose her down.

We started reading our lessons for the day and then discovered we had placed the blanket on a small ant hill. This did not discourage us! On to the front porch! While I was reading aloud, Joe was going hither and thither and I was thinking he couldn't possibly be getting any of this. But he did. He narrated back to me almost word-for-word what I had just read. It amazes me at how much he pays attention when he's allowed to move around rather than sitting quietly at my feet.

Although, he's never sat quietly at my feet.


So school is done for the day and now we get to enjoy the beauty and warmth in our little section of the world.

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