Bread Making Demonstration

This past Saturday I went to a bread making demonstration at my friend Heather's house. She and Sharon showed how easy it is to make bread from freshly milled flour. Here are some pictures from that event but be warned: these pictures are not very good. I really believe I've forgotten how to take a decent picture.

Here are some "fellowshipping" pictures and of guests arriving.

These are the hostesses with the mostesses, Heather and Sharon. These ladies did a great job!

These are the wheat berries. I believe Sharon used Hard White Wheat in her bread. Anyway this is what they look like before they're milled.

Heather is describing the mill she uses. She uses a Nutrimill, which is the same mill that I have

And this is what it looks like after the wheat berries have been ground up. Looks just like flour!

Milling your own flour and using freshly ground flour for bread baking is better for you than what you buy in the stores. Freshly milled flour has many nutrients in it that your body can use whereas the flour you buy in stores has had all the good stuff taken out.

You want to see some action? Here you go! This is a picture of the dough being kneaded by Heather's Kitchen Aid mixer. She has the same one I do only in a different color. We even have the same coffee maker.

While we were waiting for the dough to rise, Sharon taught us from the Bible and shared her story of why she started milling her own grain.

Here is the finished product. Just look at this bread. I've never seen bread this big.

I've never seen bread so out of focus!

Heather and Sharon with their masterpiece. And, yes, it tasted wonderful!

Did I learn anything? Yes. Even though I've been milling my own wheat and making my own bread for a couple of years, I've never been able to get mine to rise like they did. After watching how they make their bread and Heather showing me how long she kneads her dough in the mixer, I was anxious to make my own bread and see if I could get a decent rise.

This is what I was able to do. Thanks to Heather and Sharon, I finally got a couple of loaves that rose! I called Joe in to see them and he called them "fat."

Fat bread = good bread!

Thanks Sharon! Thanks Heather!

3 Response to " Bread Making Demonstration "

  • Len Johnson Says:

    Yeah, buddy! Thanks, Sharon & Heather. Karen makes the best bread I have ever put in my mouth. I could even make dessert out of is THAT good.

    Yup. Fat bread=Good bread=MORE bread!

  • robbie and heather Says:

    From what I understand, Karen makes everything good!

    Karen, that bread is beautiful! Did you let it rise once or twice?

    I'm so glad you came. It was a lot of fun.


  • Karen Says:

    I did it like you did your second loaf. Let it rise in the pan for 26 minutes and then baked it. I also kneaded it for 10 minutes instead of five ... I believe that I wasn't kneading long enough for the gluten to develop. Again, thanks to you and Sharon!!!!!

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