Thursday Night at the Ballpark

Baseball season is in full swing. Tonight's game was a pleasant victory for the Terrapins and they now stand at three wins and one loss.

The game starts out with the coaches meeting the umpires at home plate. This is where the umps go over the rules and tell the coaches that they must not call them names such as, "fatty, fatty blue," or some other derogatory slam.

Just kidding on the name calling bit. Coaches would never think of calling the umps names.

This player hit a home run.

Here he is crossing home plate.

Ya think he's excited?!

Here's Joe at bat. He got a double and then he got a single his next at bat. He was two for two tonight.

He had a great night at first. But then I'm his mom. What am I supposed to think?

Here's another player getting a hit. Several players who hadn't had a hit in previous games were getting hits tonight. You like to see that because it increases their confidence.

At one point, the coach called a meeting on the pitcher's mound. It's times like these that I wish I could read lips.

If I were to ask Joe what was said, he would say, "Nothing."

This is a picture of a Terrapin crossing home plate.

It was kind of hard distinguishing the good guys from the bad because both teams had the same colors.

Joe gets a little action at first base.

Don't you just love watching the dads watching their kids?

I had some time to do some people watching for myself. I'm telling you, it doesn't get much cuter than this.

Ok, well maybe it does.

This is a friends little girl. Although she's not so little anymore. Her brother was playing in the next game and she was doing sidewalk art with chalk while she waited.

In case you're wondering, the score was 5-1. We won! Yippee!

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