Pictures from a Walk

The last time Len and I went on a walk was probably a week ago. These are some pictures from that walk.

We came upon this little fellow and I just had to get a picture of it. I hadn't used the macro setting on my camera for quite some time so it was a bit difficult for me to capture it just the way I wanted. Plus the little sucker was literally hanging by a thread and kept blowing this way and that in the wind.

Len was excited about getting a picture of it and even asked to look at it in the preview of the camera. His response was a non-enthusiastic, "Is that as close as you can get?"

Well, yeah. You want me to get a better shot? Then buy me the Nikon D-90, or better yet the D-700 with a couple of really cool lenses to go with it! A point and shoot can only do so much!

No, I really did not reply this way. I was quite humble and said that I probably just forgot how to use the macro on the camera.

However, if I did have a Nikon D-90, or better yet the D-700 with a couple of really cool lenses, then, THEN, I would get the kind of pictures that leaves a person filled with breathless awe and wonder.


Here's a picture of trees and grass and weedy flowers. The sun was setting so the colors were magnificent.

Another colorful picture. Which, by the way, was not altered in any way by photo editing. I'll look at it and probably wish I did something to it.

Photography is all about light.

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