My Dad

I feel sorry for those of you who didn't know my Dad. He was a great guy. He had a lot of wisdom and I learned a lot from him. However, there were times when he was a little bit ... (hmmm what shall I say?) ... accident prone.

In 1986 I had just moved to South Carolina. My Dad was undertaking the huge task of building his and my Mom's retirement home. All with the help of my brother, who did the majority of the work along with coordinating and scheduling the subcontractors.

One day I went out in the morning to get my resume out to different law firms in in the hopes of obtaining work. When I came back, there was something definitely different about the look of the construction site. Red flags were now hanging off of the scaffolding where before, when I left in the morning, there were none.

Puzzled, I asked, "Craig, why are there red flags hanging off the scaffolding?" Craig laughs, "Go take a look at Dad's nose, then you'll know why!"

Uh oh!

I find Dad sitting quietly in the trailer nursing his sore nose. And let me tell you, it was one great big honker. No, wait ... one great big RED honker. He obviously failed to duck under the scaffolding and instead drove nose-first into it. He said the impact brought him to his knees. The Uncles teased him mercilessly and called him W.C. Fields.

No, this is not a picture of my Dad but of W.C. Fields. This is what my Dad's poor nose looked like. Imagine this picture in color and the nose being red then you'll know what Dad looked like. Well, according to my Uncles.

It wasn't long after Dad's nose dive into the scaffolding that Craig hung up red flags so that we (i.e. Dad) would be safe from any further accidents.

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