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About a month or so ago, Charles wanted me to take some pictures of all the action that goes on in the tech booth at CBC. He was getting ready to go to China and wanted some photos to show the tech guys in China.

Here's a shot of Caleb working the mixer. He's talking to the camera operators and asking for certain shots. He's kind of the director for what you see on TV and video.

This is one of the camera operators that Caleb is ordering around. If I'm not mistaken, this is camera 2 being operated by Jameson.

This is my husband on Camera 3.

Caleb is working the mixer changing his live camera shot.

The view from behind Caleb. It kind of gives you a sense of what Caleb is looking at.

This is Jill. She's another person that Caleb directs. She's operating the computer that does computer graphics for what you see on television. She doesn't have to do the songs like PowerPoint, but she does have to pay close attention during the sermon to make sure she's showing the correct slide.

Hi Caleb. You're doing a great job but I really think you need to show me less attitude! You're not Steven Spielberg ... yet!

There are two different sound systems: one for in house (what you hear while you're in the service) and one for video (what you hear on CD or DVD). This is a picture of Nick's arm as he makes some adjustments to the video sound.

This is a shot of the whole board that Nick is working.

And a close up shot. There sure are a lot of buttons to play with.

This is what Nick does after he plays with a button. He prays that he didn't mess things up.

Hi Nick. I'm glad you know what all those buttons do. Please don't call in sick!

This next shot is the MOST important piece of equipment the church has. It's a piece of equipment that gets all of the tech people going.

Ahhh. Gotta have that cup o' Joe to get the old eyes open and brain functioning.

And if the coffee doesn't get you wired, there's always the real stuff. Lots and lots of wires.

This is Patricia. Well, it's Patricia's arm and she's working the computer that operates the PowerPoint. This is what the congregation sees on the screens in the service. If she doesn't move a slide forward during worship, you don't know what to sing and you just stand there mumbling and pretending that you know the words to the song.

This is my brother, Craig. He's the one who's in charge of all things technical for the church.

This is Charles. He's Craig's right hand man. Charles' second language is Geek.

When he's not fixing slides, turning on equipment, troubleshooting all things techie, or singing Final Countdown, he can be found beating up on some of the unpaid help. Or at least giving them "The Eye!"

Charles is good. He's right by your side should you let out an exasperated sigh, which in Geek means that something has gone wrong.

I think Charles deserves a raise. Or a round of applause.

This next piece of equipment is ... uh ... gee, I don't know what it does. Maybe someone can give a little help. It's in a dark room and I know it's pretty important but I'm just not sure what it's purpose is.

And this doohickey thingy changes what the congregation sees on the screen. It's what puts the live shots from the cameras on the wall.

For instance, this baptisim was captured on camera and projected onto the screens.

This is a picture of Craig as someone was talking to him about a perceived problem.

One more of my brother as he's working hard. I think he's wishing I'd get out of his face!

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  • Len Johnson Says:

    Re the "dark room": The stuff on the right is the CCU's (camera control units). They make it easy on the camera operators so that all they have to do is push, pull, pan, tilt, and focus. Everything else is controlled here. The stuff on the far left is a bank of amplifiers, I'm pretty sure. They send the video signal to wherever we want...various rooms, cable companies, hallways, etc.
    The stuff in the middle is...well, is stuff Craig and Charles mess with and are sort of toys. They split various videos so that we can send one image to, say, a classroom and another to another classroom or to the auditorium, or to the cable company.

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