Have You Met Tank?

If you don't know Tank, let me introduce you.

Tank is a tortoise. But I guess you could tell.

She belongs to our neighbor.

Tank is not a boy but a girl.

She had been named Tank when they thought she was a he and they decided to keep Tank as her name.

Tank likes to visit her neighbors.

She gets around and is remarkably fast for a tortoise.

She likes to visit us and eat our weeds.

And that's a good thing.

We have lots of weeds for her to feed on.

She was in our yard one day when the UPS guy delivered a package.

He was quite excited and wondered if we knew we had a turtle in our yard.

I said, "Oh yea. That's Tank. She's the neighborhood tortoise."

Doesn't every neighborhood have a tortoise?

Some neighborhoods are known for their dogs.

Some have the cat that everyone knows.

But our neighborhood has a tortoise.

And her name is Tank.

She's friendly.

And I think all neighborhoods should have a tortoise.

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