July was a busy month. Between Maxx being here and Floyd being here, construction of our garage, and life in general, time just flew by. Although we hardly knew Floyd was here because, well, Floyd was hardly here. He'd leave for Savannah before I got up and returned home after I went to bed.

For all my Facebook friends, this note is actually my blog post. I have my blog synced to FB notes so that I'm forcing all of you to read my blog. So there!

I've had several photography projects for friends this past month (I'll blog about each another time), my latest one for my sister-in-law. She wanted pictures of daisies. The only place I knew that might have daisies was Lowes and so I took my camera to see what I could see. I wasn't certain they would have them so I prayed and sure enough, Lowes had lots of daisies.

They only had three colors yellow, pink and red. Now mind you, I decided to go at high noon and real photographers don't take pictures at high noon. Why? The lighting is too harsh and colors are washed out. But I'm not a real photographer so this is what I got.

There were yellow ones.

And pink ones.

And red ones.

I don't know if this is anything she can use or even if she'll like them.

I told her to let me know what her vision is and I'll go again.

If you like daisies, Lowes has a bunch of them.

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