Construction Time

Today was day one of the construction of our new garage.

We're excited because soon we'll be able to park our cars in the garage and not have to get into vehicles that reach 500 degrees in the summertime.

Ok, maybe 500 degrees is a bit of hyperbole but it sure does feel like it. I bet these guys feel like it's 500 degrees out.

And this guy chose to cool off under the tree for a minute or two.

They had this digger thingy to help out so that there wasn't as much manual labor digging a trench. Or whatever they're digging.

See how much dirt it pulls out?

Here's a hard working man. My Mother-in-law was worried about them out in the heat.

If it were me, I'd be crying about now. The heat has a way of doing that to me. Not to mention that if I had to do this, I'd probably end up whacking myself in the leg. That is if I could even lift the darn thing.

Here's Larry. He's the boss. He assured me that they were used to working in the heat.

However if you look closely at his T-shirt, you can see what he'd rather be doing.

This guy finally came away from the shady tree and worked up some more sweat.

They have a hard, hot job but someone's gotta do it.

Yep, I'd be crying about now.

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