Baseball Saturday

Joe started his day by getting a base hit.

He's pretty fast and was able to beat the ball to first base.

He ended up scoring a run.

When they took the field, the coach put him in as pitcher. He didn't stay in too long as pitcher because, quite frankly, he stunk up the mound.

I know that sounds harsh, so I guess I'll take that back and just say he couldn't get into a groove as pitcher. He went back to playing first base where he is a bit more comfortable.

He informed me today that you need to be tall to play first base. I think he thinks he's tall just because he's taller than me. Bless his heart, he's excited about being taller than me and wonders if people think we're brother and sister. In my dreams!

Here are a few shots of the players in the dugout. This is our catcher, Clyde.

This is Mark. Mark and Joe have been friends a long time.

Here's Dee. Or is it just D? He gives me hugs which is more than I can say for my son!

Then there's Will. One of the things that I like about Will and the rest of the team, is that they're all eager to help each other out and give pointers on how to be a better player.

I love being in the dugout with the boys because of moments like this. If the game was closer, you wouldn't see this and of course the coaches would never allow it, but we were winning 17-3.

You think this player is smiling now, you should have seen him a couple of weeks back when he hit the game winning run! This page wouldn't be wide enough!

We only have two more games left in the season. The end of the season brings a bit of sadness for me because I always end up falling a little in love with each boy. It's neat to see them come together as a team as the season progresses.

But then there is always next year!

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