Ana Maria Fundraiser

Here are some more pictures from yesterday's fundraiser for Ana Maria.

Usually I'm pretty shy but for some reason when I have my camera in my hands, I become a little more bold. This fireman didn't really want to talk to me but I just asked my questions and took a shot of him. Then I thanked him for his work as a firefighter.

I think he thought I was a fruitcake.

Then I went over to the County Sheriff's officer. I asked her if I could take a picture and she said that I could.

She's very pretty and I almost told her that I liked her hair style but refrained myself from further foolish banter. She was very interested in meeting Ana Maria.

This little one caught Len's eye. I can see why!

"Now, smile pretty for your Momma!"

Here's another shot of one of the bands that played.

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