Why I Like Candid Pictures

I like candid pictures of people. Not that I have anything against posed portraits but I think that candid shots allows the personality of the person to come through. Or maybe a different side to their personality.

I like to take candid pictures of children. They provide so much variety and spontaneity to almost each click of the camera. One of my favorite ways to catch them is to just sit in the middle of where they're playing and snap away.

Believe it or not, this little girl is sitting in a tree ... with the rest of her family! This is the daughter of the friends who had me take their pictures and I captured this when they were settling in on a humongous tree limb for a family shot.

Shooting candid shots does have it's challenges though. Many times you accidentally get a picture or two with eyes closed or arms flailing this way or that. And, if you're like me and have no mercy, you try to get shots when people are eating and have their mouths full.

One of the most challenging subjects for me is when the subject happens to be that of the canine variety.

My dog doesn't listen very well and it's extremely unusual for me to get pictures of her looking like a pretty puppy.

Eating is about as normal as I can get. Eating is something that she loves to do. It's her favorite part of the day.

I wasn't quick enough and she licked just as I clicked.

There there are shots like this, where you see only her tail as she goes exploring in the weeds.

She actually tried to jump this ditch and ended up landing on her nose. A few days ago they mowed the ditch and it looks even more menacing than when it was overgrown. This did not go unnoticed by the dog who is currently recalculating her take0ff speed.

And then there's the candid shot like this next one. The one where just a moment ago she looked all cute and cuddly.

And now she looks all gnarly. Could be that she's in mid-burp.

Nope, with candid shots you just never know what you're going to get.

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