Train Tracks

I don't know why I have a fascination with train tracks, but I do. Yesterday my Mother-in-Law went to Varnville for some business and while she was busy, I took a walk to the tracks.

In Varnville, they have Palmetto trees running parallel to the tracks.

A professional photographer that I follow gave out an exercise which entailed putting your camera on ground level and taking a shot.

So I decided to give it a try.

I tried it by setting the camera on the rail, as shown above. And by setting it on the thing that goes across.

I like train tracks but I'm not very versed in train track vocabulary.

At one point I heard sirens and thought someone had called the police on me. You can never be too sure about those small town folk and what they think about some woman hanging around the railroad tracks.

Heck, I probably would have called the police if I had seen someone like me a-sittin, and a-settin, and a-squattin with her camera on the railroad tracks.

5 Response to " Train Tracks "

  • Len Johnson Says:

    Nah. They'd have just thought you are Larry's girlfriend.

  • Karen Johnson Says:

    Now that's something to be famous for ...

  • Maryann Heinzeroth Says:

    Why is people are always coming to my neck of the woods when I'm not home? These are definitely some small town people you can never tell about around here! =) Thanks for the fresh perspective on a daily sight!!

  • Maryann =) Says:

    Ack!!! I'm starting to talk like a local =O...
    that should be "Why is IT..." =)

  • Anonymous Says:

    They called Homeland Security on ya!

    I love the photos! I especially like the ground shots. One word comes to mind in photos 2,3,and 4: loneliness. I don't know why, but that's the word that came to mind. ~ Bri

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