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Before you give me a great big yawn about my morning walk, please note that I went to a different place today. Instead of just walking out my door, I drove about 20 miles down the road and visited The Sands. I would have liked to have gotten there earlier, but I needed the extra five minutes sleep.

The Sands is a beautiful place in Port Royal. When Joe and I were just Joe and I, we lived just a short walking distance from here.

We used to walk here and then go across the street from where we lived and get some Plum's ice cream. Then we'd walk back to the house, sit on the front porch swing and enjoy our creamy delight.

I loved the creamy delights from Plum's. Then they moved to Lady's Island and we were no longer within walking distance to them.


So then after our walks instead of eating ice cream, we just swung on the front porch swing.

They shoot off fireworks at the Sands every Fourth of July. We would walk down there enjoy the fireworks and walk back home. There was something relaxing being able to sit on the front porch swing watching all the traffic after the fireworks show was over.

I always felt sorry for the tired people in the cars who had to fight all the traffic to get home. Now I'm one of those tired people in the cars who has to fight traffic to get home.

But that's ok. I really like fireworks. There's something romantic about them. There's something thrilling about them. There's something so patriotic about them that makes me want to start singing The Star Spangled Banner.

This morning as I walked along the Sands, I could hear the noises of Parris Island. The sounds of the recruits echoed across the water as did the pow-pows from the rifle range.

I wonder if the folks on Parris Island heard me as I shouted, "Stupid gnats, GO away!" Man they were thick this morning.

They interrupted the peace and tranquility I felt as I walked along the shoreline.

Gnats are a part of our little paradise that I could do without.

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