A Place Called Home

Are you bored yet with pictures of where I live? I can't help it that I think I'm in one of the prettiest places on earth.

Look at this first picture. It was taken from the front porch.

On my afternoon walk I took a left at the end of the drive.

At the stop sign is the intersection of Butler Farm Road and Jasmine Hall Road.

If you take a left, you'll go down Jasmine Hall Road towards Highway 21. At that intersection, if you take a right, you'll go toward Beaufort and a left will take you to Highway 17.

But I didn't take a left. I took a right.

Jasmine Hall is home to corn fields.

It won't be long before this little corn plant gets bigger. I was amazed last year at how quickly the corn grew. This corn isn't the eating kind, well at least for human consumption.

There is a vegetable stand on Highway 21 that sells incredible veggies when they're in season. They have really good white corn. They also make a killer tomato pie. It's $12.00 and worth every penny. Yumm-O!

After going across one of the fields, you come to this road. Buffy and I usually walk the whole way down it.

On the right is a ditch that Buffy went flying across the other day. She almost made it to the other side. She kind of bammed nose first into the side of it. I thought we might have to take her to the vet but she was ok.

Aren't those flowers pretty? I know they're weeds but they're pretty nonetheless.

This is the other side of the road.

And here's a picture of an old tree stump. I've been wanting to get a picture of this and I finally did it! WooHoo!

This is the way that I usually go on the way back home. It runs parallel to the road.

This is the road that runs parallel to the picture above.

It was a little muddy today so I decided not to take this route.

Here we are back home. You can tell it's home because the dog is in the drive way.

As I was coming up the drive, I heard my little neighbor say, "Miss Karen, will you take a picture of Webster and me?" Sure! Webster isn't her puppy but she wanted her picture taken with him.

Webster was looking at Buffy.

Then all the girls came running and wanted their picture with Webster too.

Webster is very popular around here.

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