Maryland vs. Miami

Today was another great day for the Maryland Terrapins. They pulled off a 12-4 win against Miami.

Here is Mark taking some warm up swings before the game.

Coach is doing his job and giving tips to one of the players.

And here we have some pregame batting practice.

The Terrapins were the first to score some runs.

This is Joe's first bat of the day.

He got a hit but he was out at first.

But his hit drove in a run.

This is Will pitching. He is just releasing the ball in this picture.

His wind up.

Joe at first trying to keep the runner from stealing.

And he's OUT!

Even though I know you're looking at Joe, you can see the scoreboard with us leading 4-6. We were the visitors. I know, it's hard to read.

Joe at bat and he does't like that pitch.

Joe taking his base on a walk.

Joe sliding into home and making a run!

He likes to slide.

He used to ask his dad if he thought his slides were good.

These guys are a hoot to listen to. They were cheering Joe when he was up to bat chanting, "Go Joe! Go Joe! Go Joe!" I think they get a kick out of themselves too!

If a hitter decides to go golfing, they will let that hitter know that this isn't a golf tournament!

One of the things that I notice about Joe is that he always seems to be focused on the game. He's not really one to mess around in the dugout and he always knows what's going on in the field.

Another fine play at first.

The agony of defeat.

After a great game where the team ball went to the team, they are honored by helping the coach pick up the gear.

Another great game for the Terrapins. Even though the score was 12-4, Miami played a great game.

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