Here Comes The Sun

I'm singing now. Yesterday's theme song was Who'll Stop the Rain but today everything's all right now. The sun in shining and the dog is happy.

Instead of taking a left turn out the drive on today's walk, I decided to go right. Mainly because I knew that the dirt road might be harder to maneuver if I went left. You see, dirt roads turn into mud roads when inches and inches of rain are dropped from the sky. I'm glad I did because it gave me a different perspective of the neighborhood.

The Cardinal was waiting for me in the tree but he's a little camera shy. I say that because as I approached him, he decided to fly off into the brush. Why don't Cardinals like getting their picture taken?

I love the spring green that the trees are sporting these days. After a winter of looking at naked trees, I'm ready for some green!

Today I decided to go into the woods at the end of our road. These actually belong to somebody so I didn't venture too far into them. Don't you think woods are neat?

There are so many stories that your mind goes through while exploring.

I like to read mystery novels so a lot of my thoughts aren't filled with happy-happy-joy-joy stuff.

I almost fell backward while taking this next picture.

I wonder if the people who own this property take care of the woods. I say that because they just seemed awfully clean to me. There isn't a lot of natural clutter to trip over.

I did have to step around puddles. But that proved to be easy on the eyes as I saw the reflection of the sky and clouds.

The sun makes all the difference in the world.

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