A Conversation With Joe

I look at this picture of Joe and it almost brings tears to my eyes. Where, oh where, has time gone? I noticed in the pictures that I took on Sunday that Joe's neck is getting thicker which gives him a more mature look.

But don't let the looks fool you (or me). He's still very much a boy.

By the way, I had to pay him a dollar in order to take his picture. Sheese!

While I was snapping pictures, my neighbor came over to chat and when she did her extremely cute daughters came with her. One went back home because it was hot but the other stayed and let me take some pictures of her. And I didn't have to pay her a dollar!

She can be a silly girl!

But then she saw a little bat and decided she wanted to play some ball with Joe.

Such a contemplative little girl.

I think she looks quite natural playing ball. Even though she is all girlie-girl.

I showed Joe this next picture and we had a conversation that went like this:

Me: Aww, look how cute! Don't you wish you had a little sister?

Joe: No. I want a brother.

Me: Oh, a baby brother about this age?

Joe: No, a brother who's about 7 or 8 years old. Someone to have fun with. Someone who can play baseball with me. Someone who has my DNA.

And I laughed! Where do they come up with stuff like this?

I don't know, Joe, I think you'd make an awesome big brother to a little sister.

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