My Morning Walk

Just about every morning I take a walk. It's a great way to start the day and to enjoy the peaceful country life.

Today on my morning walk I took my camera along and took some pictures. It was cloudy out so the sky isn't all that interesting.

This is our neighbor's beautiful yard. I love spring and the colors of the azaleas.

I may not travel to Rome, Paris or London nor will my camera capture shots of the Pacific Northwest, but I can honestly say that God placed me in one of the most beautiful states in America. I point my camera here and this is what I get.

Or I point it over there and this is what I get.

Go a little bit further to the right, and I get this.

Walk in the opposite direction and this is what is facing me.

Even the weeds provide beautiful colors to look at and enjoy.

But then the inevitable happens and my serene nature walk gets disrupted. It gets disrupted by something that craves my attention and so we have this.

A dog. My dog. I have to take her with me on my morning walks. If I don't she'll sulk the rest of the day.

She runs at top speeds, faster than the speed of light and then stops suddenly to do this.

She digs furiously in the ground.

And then she eats it.

Ok, back to nature. A little further down the road is a field of wild flowers (weeds) with trees and a garage for farm equipment.

A tree showing off its spring colors.

More trees dripping with Spanish Moss. I'm told that you don't want to touch the Spanish Moss because it has little biting bugs in it.

But, hey, I'm a Yankee and even though I've been here over 20 years, I still enjoy looking at it ... bugs or no bugs. There's something just so southern about it and ...

Uh oh. Guess I'm not paying her much attention because this is what's coming at me.

Here she is again running like she's the fastest dog in the world.

Beware of the dog ...

"My name might be Buffy but I'm mean and bad! You heard of 'Don't mess with Texas?' I'm telling you don't mess with Buffy!"

And then she'll eat the dirt she digs up ... again.

Back to nature. I love trees. Trees are one of the things I enjoy photographing most. They're full of character.

There's a lot of texture to them and they point in so many different directions. It's almost as if they can't make up their minds.

As I come up for air after being filled with the awe of trees, I wonder where my dog went. She usually stops when I do but this time she didn't.

Oh, there she is.

She's got her head deep in the brush sniffing and eating at something.

I'm not sure I want to know. However, I'll probably find out later when she pukes it up. Dogs! She'll eat dirt, roll around in other dogs "stuff," and drink dirty ditch water. But heaven forbid if you accidentally drop dog chow into the portion of the dish that holds her drinking water. She looks at you disgusted and you can almost hear her say, "You don't actually expect me to drink that, do you?" Forgive me, your Majesty.

As I turn for home I go down my favorite part of our dirt highway.

I call it "The Tunnel" because the trees cover this part of the road.

Then there's more spring color. And a parting shot of some flowers coming up through the leaves.

I love living in the country. Even with all the distractions.

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