Some of My Recent Pictures

These pictures were taken at Beaufort's Waterfront Park on the Sunday after Christmas 2008. I'm ashamed to admit but this was the last time I had my camera out. I think I might be getting rusty and I better get going again pretty quickly!

Here's a shot of the ever-present black bird. Or is it a Crow? Or Grackle? Or...? Why is it these birds will pose beautifully for you but heaven forbid you should try to get a decent shot of a Cardinal or Blue Bird.

I call this a duck. My Uncle Bill called it by it's real name but I can't remember what it is, so I guess I'll just stick with duck.

I'm so original.

This is a sailboat that just went under the bridge. I hesitate to use "sail"boat (yes I know it's a sailboat) because it's using it's motor and not sails. I knew a "sailor" once who refused to use the motor on his sailboat and would only sail with the sails. Unless there was no wind and he really needed to get moving.

I know, shut up Karen!

These Palmetto Trees are actually in a circle in the park. They really are quite pretty and I guess this shot is kind of silhouetty.

Have I told you that I like to make up words?

Here's really getting up close and personal with a Palmetto Tree. I think it's a rather interesting point of view.

This is probably one of my favorite shots. I like the warm colors of the day along with the inviting table. It just has a certain feel about it. I wished we would have had some Plums ice cream and sat at this table to enjoy it.

But we didn't.


I can't quite decide if I like this picture. I almost feel as if there is too much going on and not enough of the bridge. I guess it's ok.

I don't know if I can explain why this picture is the way it is. I wanted to get the line of palmetto trees going all the way down the street but in order to do it, I had to turn the camera. I tried to get an even "line" of the street and sidewalk. I'm sure there would have been a way to get a more "normal" view but Len was tagging along with me saying, "Hurry up!"

Not really.

Not really on the hurry up part.

He was tagging along with me.

This photo was actually taken in 1975.

Ok, not really. I photoshopped it to give it a 70s feel to it.

Groovy, man.

I love this photo.

I love the colors.

I love the shadows.

But mostly, I love this little girl!

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