Deleated the Old ... In With the New

I was trying to get a website up for my photographs but that ended up being more work than I wanted. I couldn't get it to look how I thought a professional photography website should look. Of course, if I had been willing to pay someone, then I might have had something worthy. However, I'm unwilling (i.e. can't afford) to have a professional do me up a website.

So I'm back. I can hear all of you yelling "Yippee!" There have been so many times these past weeks that I've wanted to get the writing bug out or show off some of my pictures only to realize that I had nowhere to go. That's really an awful feeling. Even though I feel I'm basically writing to myself on this blog (much like talking to myself as I'm doing the laundry), I was just a lonely soul.

Not to mention that so many of you expressed your sorrow of no longer being able to visit KK-Ville. Ok, maybe it was just one or two. Alright! One! I know it's at least one because I have written proof! Right Ang?

Anyway, I'm back. I'm not going to do the photography website -- at least for now. In these unstable financial days, it's just not feasible to go forth with that. I really feel I need better equipment and need Photoshop for the Mac in order to make a truly professional jump into the world of photography. For now, and however long the Lord wills, I am content with what I have and will continue with photography as a hobby.

What have we been up to for the past month or so? Well this picture should give you a clue.

It was a nice trip and we sure wished you were there. Actually, WE wished we were there. This was taken down at Beaufort's Waterfront Park. I told Len to stand and pose and we'd tell everyone we went on a cruise. But then that would be lying, wouldn't it?

And lying is sin. Forgive me?

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