Common Sense ... According to Joe

I emailed this to my family the other day, right before I decided to continue my blog. Since some of my many readers didn't receive the email, I post it here for your enjoyment.

I instructed Joe to put on some clothes and walk the dog. When he got back I noticed that he had on his dirty clothes. Len -- you know which ones I'm talking about! The ones that he's been wearing for the past month. The ones that look dusty but I fear it's just caked-on dirt that won't ever get clean. The pants that have holes in the knees that are so large they're about to evolve into shorts (which by the way when that happens, he won't wear them anymore). The ones that stink so badly that you're actually glad he's at the age where he hates hugs. Yes! Those!

Unfortunately I did the Mom thing. I asked, Why? Why did you put those clothes on when you have clean clothes (I know this because I did his laundry). And his reply to me? ... Why do I want to get those clothes dirty?

And at that, I was speechless. Admittedly, I can almost see his point. Almost ...

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